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  1. This is 2009.
    We can no longer keep saying 2016 will not be 2009.

    We have let down every Gabonese who has voted for a change and we have insulted every Gabonese who walked the street for the change and every Gabonese who paid the ultimate price with his / her life for the cause of change.

    Bongo is the head of the state with control over all Govt. Organizations and the Military. While we sit in our QG and assume forming “our” Govt. in our homes will be the same thing.
    We are only fooling ourselves…

    We are doing the same thing that was done in 2009 – we protested, we went to (or allow being forced to go to) the Cour Constitiutionelle, Bongo formed his Govt., while we sat in our homes and formed our own Govt. and we complained while we are actually were being stripped naked by the Bongos and the regime.

    This cannot be 2009.

    We keep forgetting that this time was different; there was the presence of the Independent Observers. We should be using this to bear pressure on the international community to reject cour constitutionelle’s flagrant mocking of the intelligence of the common Gabonese citizem.

    We should continue demanding the publication of the results by bureau of vote by bureau of vote and continue pressurizing the international community to reject the validation by the cour constituionelle – unless and until it is done with transperancy by making public the results.

    There is no point sitting at one’s house forming one’s govt.

    The only solution is to protest. To continue demanding the results bureau of vote by bureau of vote and emphasizing on the report by the International Independent Observators

    And protest without logic or without coming to the streets is futile.

    We need to rally, come to the street and paralyze the regular functioning of the GOvt. We need to simultaneously target the Military forces and find sympathizers to our cause… everyone in Gabon be it pro-Bongo or not knows that Bongo lost. There might still be some genuine patriotic Gabonese among them who will condemn the violence brought upon the population by Bongo and his armed forces. We need to target these people to join our cause.

    Its not about Ping or Bongo, Its about the truth and our freedom to select our own leaders.

    We owe to the people who lost their lives fighting for our freedom,

  2. I agree with you on all point!



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