Gagan Gupta on the left
Gagan Gupta á gauche
(Photo: Gabonreview)

English Version

In an article whose title is " Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur Olam Gabon par Olam Gabon " by François Ndjimbi, published by Gabonreview on Wednesday, 29 August 2012, Olam Gabon was presented to us as a group interested exclusively in agricultural production, the production of agricultural fertilizers and the operation of the Special Economic Zone of Nkok.

Curiously, in its edition of 19 January 2016, Africa Mining Intelligence suggests that Gagan Gupta, CEO of Olam Gabon, would actually be involved in the exploitation of mining logistics, by becoming a partner of the regime in the business of port activities of mining companies on the Owendo’s port.

According to Africa Mining Intelligence, Gagan Gupta, who in addition to being head of Olam Gabon, also directs the Special Economic Zone of Nkok, recently obtained a loan of 51.6 billion CFA francs (almost 79 million euros) from the Development Bank of the States of Central Africa and Gabon’s BGFIBank, a loan contracted on behalf of the Republic of Gabon to finance the construction of the mining port of Owendo. The construction of this port is expected to cost 75.6 billion FCFA; the balance between 51.6 and 75.6 billion FCFA would be covered by Olam Gabon. This port will be of 25 hectares and will have a capacity of 10 million tons. It will also include a shipyard. The main customers of this port will be mining companies such as New Mining Gabon which exploits manganese in Haut-Ogooué.

Arrived in Gabon to work in the field of agriculture, today we find Olam in mining logistics; do not be surprised if tomorrow Gagan Gupta became an oil operator (making sure to give to the right people their right percentage).

French Version

Dans un article dont le titre est « Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur Olam Gabon par Olam Gabon » de François Ndjimbi, publié par Gabonreview le Mercredi 29 août 2012, Olam Gabon nous était présenté comme un groupe intéressé exclusivement à la production agricole, à la production d’engrais agricoles et à l’exploitation de la Zone Economique Spéciale de Nkok.

Curieusement, dans son édition du 19 Janvier 2016, Africa Mining Intelligence laisse entendre que Gagan Gupta, le PDG d’Olam Gabon, serait en fait partie prenante dans l’exploitation de la logistique minière, en se constituant partenaire du régime dans l’activité portuaire des sociétés minières sur le port d’Owendo.

D’après Africa Mining Intelligence, Gagan Gupta, qui en plus d’être patron d’Olam Gabon, dirige aussi la Zone Economique Spéciale de Nkok, a récemment obtenu un prêt de 51,6 milliards de FCFA (près de 79 millions d’euros) de la Banque de Développement des Etats de l’Afrique Centrale et de la BGFIBank Gabon, prêt contracté au nom de la République Gabonaise, pour financer la construction du port minéralier d’Owendo. La construction de ce port est supposée coûter 75,6 milliards FCFA ; le solde entre 51,6 et 75,6 milliards FCFA serait couvert par Olam Gabon. Ce port s’étendra sur 25 hectares et aura une capacité de 10 millions de tonnes. Il comportera aussi un chantier naval. Les principaux clients de ce port seront les compagnies minières comme Nouvelle Gabon Mining qui exploite le manganèse dans le Haut-Ogooué.

Arrivé au Gabon pour travailler dans le domaine de l’agriculture, on retrouve Olam aujourd’hui dans la logistique minière ; ne nous étonnons pas si demain, Gagan Gupta devenait exploitant pétrolier (en s’assurant de donner à qui de droit son pourcentage).


  1. Comment Olam se retrouve opérateur dans le secteur portuaire ?
    Il s'agit ni plus ni moins que l'une des manifestations de la boulimie du couple Maixant-Ali, lequel a totalement siphonné pour ses lubies, des fonds mobilisés par l'OPRAG à hauteur de 30 milliards auprès des marchés de financements. Olam s'est donc vu confié ce challenge qui n'est pas son métier, cornaqué bien sûr par Delta Synergie.
    Il serait indiqué de Gabon énervant poursuive les investigations pour cerner tous les dégâts causés à l'économie nationale par une vampirisation des finances publiques appuyéef par des emprunts systématiques sur les marchés financiers, malgré les 30 000 milliards manipulés entre 2009 et 2014 par ce couple maléfique qui a instauré Sodhome et Gomore au Gabon.


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  2. Merci pour vos encouragements. Nous allons poursuivre les investigations.


  3. Olam Singapore is a public limited company - for every investment they need to approach their board of directors who represent the share holders in the company. The Board of directors are mandated to invest in thier line of business --- commodity trading, growing coffee, cacao, cashew and so on...thats what Olam basically does..
    Now to understand Olam's role in Gabon its a different story:
    Olam has been in Gabon since late 1990's or early 2000's...they were importing rice and exporting timber..
    2010 After the election coup, ABO was snubbed by the French President - who suggested that ABO should work with the opposition and clear all the confusion. ABO made a statement in the press: Gabon is not a territory of France, and its open to business for everyone...But still behind the doors ABO was struggling financially - the state coffers have been empty (almost since)...and they were looking for the investors who will bring the silver spoon..
    Gagan Gupta through Mexan, offered to give 20M USD to ABO...unconditionally :) ....
    The CEO of Olam came in with his private jet and with the money...and since then there has been no looking back..
    A commodity trading company ( whose books are in red actually, Muddy waters did a good report and their dealings ), now ventured for the first time to special economic zones ( NKOK GSEZ ) and then into Plantation business ( 200,000+ HA of Land given free from the Govt. to Olam to develop palm and rubber ) and finally the Gas from Perenco / Port Gentil to develop a Urea INdustry. None of the businesses where Olam has any expertise.
    So considering the Board of Directors charter Olam cannot invest in anything except maybe the plantation business...So what does Gagan Gupta do...
    Simple, he gets his contractors to do the GSEZ - he bills the Govt. 3 times the cost and the Govt. being a partner of 60% in the project pays out 60% of the bill ( which incidently is more 150+% of the actual cost that Olam would be paying to the contractors)..so Olam pockets the 50+%..and get a free ride in the GSEZ on the Govts.(people of Gabon's) expenses.
    Similarly the story in Plantations and Urea...the Govt has share in most of them and the Govt. pay double or triple to Olam...Olam runs the show with minimum of its own investments..
    Why does the board of directors in Singapore say nothing?? The understanding with Gagan Gupta and the board of directors is that Gagan Gupta does not ask for money from Olam (atleast until the Govt has put its money and it looks like its going to be a success )..and the Board of directors say nothing to Gagan Gupta.
    For the new port - the strategy of Gagan Gupta is simple - bring his own contractors - the contractors in return will bill 3 to 4 times the actual cost.. The Govt. will pay...Olam will get a free ride and free equity in return, all the while making profits from day one.
    Gagan Gupta, Mexan, Magloire, Regis and ABO are all hand in hand in this business..
    After all Gagan Gupta is the one who is partnered with the Son of ABO in the new restaurants in bord de mer - Life by Mayena :), not to mention Gagan is the secret partner along with ABO in NOGA ( Nouvelle Gabon Mining )...a mine worth atleast a few 100 million given to the Indian company Coalsale for a penny. Again in this case Coalsale is not into Manganese or Manganese mining. They are simply into trading of coal and they were worth some 20 million USD :D.
    Gagan is the financial advisor to ABO, he teaches ABO new ways to siphon money from Gabon.. He is bringing his brothers and sisters to Gabon..
    I can assure you Charlie, Gagan Gupta is not going to pay anyone any thing, his target is to make money while the sun shine and then leave Gabon to run his wild projects..

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